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Devotional on God’s Word: Rise From Failure (Romans 8:31)

Devotional on God’s Word – Rise From Failure (Romans 8:31): What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Devotional on God's Word
Devotional on God’s Word

Devotional on God’s Word: Rise From Failure (Romans 8:31)

Before inventing the light bulb, Thomas Alfa Edison had experienced many failures but never gave up. He continued to do a lot of experimentation and persistence, then finally he managed to find a light bulb that is very useful for all of us to this day. You can imagine if Thomas Alfa Edison gave up and stopped when he failed then he never experienced success.
Likewise with each of us, of course we want to experience success, but have experienced failure. In general, when there is a challenge, we give up. When we experience failure, do not despair, because failure is only a bridge to the road to victory.
We must get from failure with perseverance and persistence, and keep moving forward to achieve every dream, because with God there must be a way out. God even made us victorious.
God promises that we will be the head and not the tail. We will be people who are more than winners. even though we are currently experiencing bad conditions, but God still guarantees our victory. In fact, we also need to have a winning mentality that never gives up even in bad situations.
Devotional on God’s Word: The next key, don’t let us be shackled by circumstances, even if we experience failure but with God there will be success. We must be able to overcome the circumstances by getting up and doing what we can do. When we rise, God will give His help for us.
Don’t be shackled by the past either, because victory lies ahead, not behind. Our life is not defined by the past but the present. Therefore, we need to have a forward-looking focus so that we can achieve our goals and gain victory. To be able to rise from failure, we must have focus and purpose.
When we have focus then we will definitely try to achieve it. never experienced failure, we must be able to achieve our goals.
Life is never free from failures and downfalls. But even though there are many obstacles that we experience, do not be afraid. Everything will never exceed our strength.
Every challenge can be overcome. Don’t give up easily, keep fighting until we achieve success because there is always hope in God. Believe that with Jesus, we will be overcomers, even more than conquerors.

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